We had a wonderful dramatic reading on Mary and Martha, which led into Vange Thiessen’s talk on “Women as disciples in their lives of faith.” Jesus once said that Mary had chosen “the better part”, possibly suggesting that contemplation and intellectual discussion is superior to serving the physical needs of others. Vange suggested that we look at the whole picture of Martha, for she was not only an organizer of tasks but also possibly the first person to confess that Jesus was the promised Messiah (St. John 11). Vange also suggested that we look at the context of this story. The preceding story is about the Good Samaritan, a story which told the lawyer (a thinker) that he should get out and do things, not just think and talk. Then the story of Mary and Martha suggests that Martha should take time to think and talk and not just work compulsively. There is room in the kingdom for everybody—we need to allow women and men to be like Mary or Martha, but ideally we all are both. [JEK]

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Passage: John 11

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Mother's Day

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