Henry Neufeld compared two patterns for human flourishing based on the creation accounts in Genesis 1:24-31 and Genesis 2:18-25 (what Joseph B. Soloveitchik coined “Adam I and Adam II” in his book The Lonely Man of Faith). Adam I is about résumé values – the majestically utilitarian domination of one’s environment in pursuit of professional and material success. Adam II is about eulogy values – Jesus modeled these by placing value in humility, sacrifice, relationships, and stewardship in meeting the needs of the world. As David Brooks writes about his 2015 book The Road to Character, may we develop moral depth while caring for others, without becoming proud. [KH]

NOTE: following the service, a potluck lunch and Congregational meeting were held.

Service Details

Passage: Genesis 1-2

Communion: No

Ecumenical or Event:

Potluck Lunch: Yes

Congregational Meeting: Yes

Worship Team

Speaker: Henry Neufeld

Worship Leader: Laura Eriksson

Song Leader: Andre Pekovich

Pianist: Curtis Funk

Usher: Ed Epp

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