Gareth Brandt (Columbia Bible College) spoke on John 3:1-12, “Being born when we are old”. In John 3, Jesus challenged some very good people (Nicodemus) to rethink some very basicĀ things. John set this story under the cover of darkness, possibly symbolizing ignorance. Jesus made the point that if you want to understand God, you must be “born from above” (“born again” is a faulty translation), representing a spiritual awakening. This type of ‘birth’ is like the wind, you cannot put it into a box (understand it). After telling the story, the writer of John then reflects on it (3:16-18), describing the new experience as being eternal life which stems from God’s immense love. Perhaps being born from above at age 50 is harder than we think. It is not a conversion, but is rather a way of living, a quality of being, a wondering what wind will blow next. [JEK]

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Passage: John 3:1-12

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Lent IV

Potluck Lunch: No

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Speaker: Gareth Brandt

Worship Leader: Janet Boldt

Song Leader: J Evan Kreider

Pianist: Ruth Enns

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