Elsie Wiebe (MCC-BC) reminded us that although the bible is a book of “good news”, it is also a collection of stories of scoundrels who made enormous human mistakes in their dealings with others. If the bible had spoken only of good things, it would have contributed to the cloak of silence which so often surrounds domestic violence, incest, and abuse of all kinds. Instead, the bible’s open honesty encourages us to bring our problems to our redemptive God (and not just our little victories). The Book of Susanna (or Daniel 13) was used as an example of a sordid story of shame, false witness by religious elders, and of the young Daniel being led by God to uncover the real story. We, like Daniel, have also been called by God to speak out against abuse, incest and silence, for Evangelical Christians experience these severe problems no less than does society at large. MCC and Women’s Concerns are working to change this situation, producing resources, websites, and giving guidance to church leaders on how to deal with these unsavory aspects of church life. If congregations can provide safe places in which we can share our stories, this may be some of the best ‘good news’ some people have yet heard. [JEK]

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Passage: Mk 4:21-23; Hebrews 11

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Speaker: Elsie Wiebe

Worship Leader: Henry Neufeld

Song Leader: Sue Dudoward

Pianist: Cynthia Friesen


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Child Care Volunteer: Charmaine Wiens