Photo of Andre PekovichAndre Pekovich’s 3-segment sermon on “Carpe Diem” (Latin for “Seize the Day”) was based on Ecclesiastes 9:1-12. We must all face our fear of the grave, and life is not fair, yet we are free to enjoy the days that we have. The English physicist and novelist C.P. Snow made a comparable allegory on life from the 3 laws of thermodynamics: you can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t quit the game. Andre concluded by quoting Eve Merriam’s How to Eat a Poem. [KH]

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Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:7-10

Communion: Yes

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Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

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Speaker: Andre Pekovich

Worship Leader: Andre Pekovich

Song Leader: Evan Kreider

Pianist: Rosemary Bell

Usher: Peter Neudorf

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