Mark Greenstreet spoke on St. Mark 10:32-45, the story in which James and John asked Jesus for positions of power in his new kingdom. (Ironically, this story follows shortly after the one in which Jesus told the rich young man to sell whatever he had.) Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem. He had been very popular in the rural areas, speaking out against Jerusalem’s rulers, but his students and friends were afraid of what would happen to him in Jerusalem’s centre of power. However, the students had seen Jesus do miracles, they believed in his power, and now, finally, he was going to Jerusalem to take over. Therefore James and John sought patronage appointments—after all, they had supported Jesus thus far. However, Jesus basically rejected that model of government. He was not going to be beholden to individuals or to pressure groups. He realized that in politics, the system overwhelms the person, even if s/he is Christian. We now realize that Jesus spoke with authority (chapter 1) not because of his political power base (which vanished in Jerusalem) but because of the power of his ideas. Furthermore, Jesus illustrated the subversive servant model. He taught an indifference to power (serve, even if it costs you your position). We may look for heroes, but our lives are better off because of servants. [JEK]

Service Details

Passage: Mark 10:32-45

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: 5th Sunday of Lent

Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

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Speaker: Mark Greenstreet

Worship Leader: Don Teichroeb

Song Leader: Evan Kreider

Pianist: Ruth Enns


Childrens Feature Leader: Nadine Neudorf


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Coffee Helper: Mark & Sue Greenstreet; Nadine Neudorf, Andrea Siemens

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Child Care Volunteer: Bre'el Davis