The account of the women going to the tomb to embalm Jesus’ body is one of the biblical accounts where women get to play an important role, said Veronica Dyck in her message last Sunday. The women clearly did not expect the resurrection since they planned to apply spices to Jesus’ body. Mark’s gospel ends earlier than the other gospels, with the women fleeing the empty tomb and saying nothing about the resurrection. No gospel writer describes the actual resurrection; no one was there to see it. What can be seen is the results of the resurrection in the transformed lives of Jesus followers. We express the reality of the resurrection by our lives; by the transformation of Easter morning. Too often we come to the tomb weary and sad, having experienced betrayal, suffering and depression. The stone is a huge barrier. Then we realize the stone has been rolled away and we are called to complete this story to join the discipleship journey. He has gone there ahead of us. [HN]

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Passage: Mark 16:1-12

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Octave of Easter

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Speaker: Veronica Dyck

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