On Epiphany Sunday, John Klassen, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus of History at TWU) spoke on the history of God and God’s people, from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the intertwining of good and evil by humankind, after periodic rebukes, God is quick to return to mercy – a comingling of punishment and grace. The final words of the Bible include an inclusive call to let anyone who wishes take the free gift of the water of life (Rev. 22:17). [KH]

During the service, our annual focus on church membership reminded us that we can express our commitment to Christ through baptism and participation in the local and wider church.

Service Details

Passage: Genesis 8:20-21; Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 17:15-16; Isaiah 30:1-5; Isaiah 40:1-5; Luke 5:17-26; Revelation 22:12-21.

Communion: No

Ecumenical or Event: Epiphany

Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: John Klassen

Worship Leader: Curtis Funk

Song Leader: J. Evan Kreider

Pianist: Rosemary Bell

Usher: Chris Skinner

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Sunday School Team

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