For Part 2 in his series on giving, Dr. J. Evan Kreider continued to explore To Tithe or Not To Tithe, That is the Question in the New Testament. The words of Christ on this topic are surprisingly clear: while you are free to tithe according to the Law or beyond, it is the generosity of your giving that determines whether or not God admits you to heaven. All of the examples in Matthew 25 involve giving directly to the needy: provide food, drink, shelter and clothing to the poor; welcome the stranger; and comfort the sick and the imprisoned. Can we be as radical as Jesus suggested and literally give to everyone who begs from us? [KH]

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Passage: Luke 11:37-42; Luke 18:9-14; Mark 12:40-44; Matt 6:1-4; Matt 5:42; Luke 12:32-34; Matt 19:21-22; Matt 25:31-46

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Speaker: J. Evan Kreider

Worship Leader: Kevin Hiebert

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