Henry Kliewer (Conference Minister for the Conference of Mennonites in B.C.) spoke on covenant-making, particularly as our conference’s congregations remake covenant with each other. “Covenant” can mean (1) an agreement between people to do or refrain from doing certain things, (2) a community of faith agreeing on a common faith and polity, and (3) an agreement between God and humans in which the covenant bring blessings to obedient people. The 10 commandments were useful for bringing together a people covenanting to be dedicated to monotheism and follow certain codes of ethics. However, since any list of commandments or rules can also cause divisions, Jesus gave a new commandment, raising covenanting to a much higher level: Love one another (John 13:34). Today, B.C. Mennonites are asking whether and why we need to sign covenants in modern times, so Henry explained some of the historic reasons. He also noted that our conference’s congregations are becoming increasingly isolated in thinking and practice. By having congregations covenanting together, we hope to reconnect and experience a blessing from each other. The struggle over homosexuality has raised such issues as scriptural interpretation, membership, and relationship. Henry asked, “If we have a common bond in Christ, how much variety of belief and practice can we tolerate and still covenant together?” If we are truly committed to each other, we will allow others to struggle in their lives, in the safety of our prayerful presence. [JEK, ed.AP]

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