Ken Friesen continued our series on the book of Acts (9:36-10:8), speaking on two stories which have an interesting relationship I had not noticed before. In the first, Tabitha (Dorcas) is brought back to life by Peter, and in the second, Peter is summoned to go to see Cornelius. Although these two Gentiles were of different gender, social status, and likely had differing financial resources, they were both known for being devoted to prayer and to charitable work. In both cases, the writer of Acts speaks of their prayers and alms bringing the two individuals God’s attention (possibly a literary expression more than a known fact). Ken suggested that Tabitha was possibly valued as much for her friendships with the widows as for the garments she made and gave to them. She also seems to have been a leader, at least among the women. Ken concluded by reflecting on charity today, on charitable organizations (e.g., MCC-BC’s budget, its difficulty in attracting younger people to volunteer), on today’s preference of some Christians for multi-faceted church communities rather than external charities, or the preference to save souls and ignore physical/psychological needs. Discussion afterwards was fascinating and extended. I have the sense that people attending PGIMF are seriously committed to charities, some with time, some with other resources (money, ideas, prayer), and that for some of our friends, charitable work provides a major life focus. [JEK]

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Passage: Acts 9:36 - 10:1

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