Heather Pauls Murray asked an interesting question:  Do people in the arts (literature/music/art/philosophy, etc.) understand Jesus better than scientists?   In some ways, people want ‘scientific proof’, as did the Pharisees in Matthew 16:14, when asking Jesus to perform a miracle ‘then and there’, a sort of verifiable lab experiment.  He refused, saying that they already had a miracle with Jonah.  In Matthew 16:5-12, the disciples took ‘yeast’ literally when Jesus warned them of the yeast of the Pharisees.  However, a frustrated Jesus had to point out that they were to understand this yeast metaphorically (arts) rather than literally (scientifically).  Although we can try to explain Beethoven’s music by analyzing its varying wave lengths, this would not explain our emotional response to the music’s power.  Some things, some truths, cannot be explained in labs or by clear answers.  “Our faith is nurtured by asking questions, not by knowing answers.”  At the top levels, this is true of both arts and science.   [JEK]

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Passage: Matthew 8:5-13 Matthew 16:1-4 Matthew 16:5-12

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