On July 16, 2017, Dr Jeffery Greenman (President of Regent College) showed how Jesus had used the story in Exodus 24 when instituting the “Lord’s Supper”. The preceding chapters in Genesis (19-13) are set at Mt Sinai, where the Jews were asked to be a kingdom of priests, in communion with God. Chapters 21-23 present the decalogue which told how to worship God and live an ethical life. Chapter 24 then set forth the covenant, God’s gift of himself and our response of obedience–all sealed with lots of blood. An altar was built, 12 pillars were symbolically raised nearby, young men offered burnt offerings (removal of sin) and peace offerings of gratitude. Blood symbolized God’s acceptance of the offerings. This one time, half of the blood was poured on the altar and half sprinkled on the people (‘atoning sacrificial blood) while they again promised to obey. The people then ate together. When Jesus says in the context of his final meal (Matthew 26), “Take, eat, this is my body . . . this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many,” everyone would have recalled the story in Exodus 24, as will we. [JEK]
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Passage: Exodus 24: 1-18; Psalm 111:1-10; Matthew 26:26-29

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Speaker: Jeff Greenman

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