Gay Lynn Voth (Columbia Bible College) spoke on “Meeting Jesus (again) for the first time/or in unexpected places”. We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking there are two kinds of God: the harsh God of the Old Testament and the God revealed through the loving Jesus. We forget that Jesus exemplified God in life. Some people claim to be eager to meet Jesus in heaven but haven’t a clue how to meet him during life. Gay spoke about how our culture influences our religious thinking more than we realize, that enculturation shapes us as we learn to talk about Jesus in terms of our culture, and that through inculturation we bring Jesus into a culture. As we think about religion, our culture and other views of Jesus, we can come to meet Jesus in a new way. As we attempt to abandon church lingo in favour of language that can be widely understood by non-churched people, we come to meet Jesus in new ways. Gay noted that Jesus was ‘God in flesh and blood’ and that our lives may be about all that some people get to see of God. Perhaps, as they watch us live, they can meet Jesus in new ways. [JEK]

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