Veronica Dyck spoke on the Lectionary text, Luke 12:49-56, using the title, “Fire and Dissension: Where did the Prince of Peace go?” Luke 12, a collection of sayings concerning discipleship, concludes with a difficult talk which includes three images: the image of fire when possibly referring to the end times (in scripture, fire can be a metaphor for such things as judgement, refining, purifying), the image of baptism (sometimes a metaphor for the presence of God, for sacrifices, and even for Jesus’’ suffering and death), and the image of serious families being seriously divided in opinion. This division of families (parents against children, children against parents——for Christ’’s sake) presents a rather different vision for the world than that with which Luke began his gospel when the angels proclaimed “Peace on earth”. Today’s families can have serious divisions and yet survive economically because the extended family is now less interdependent, but in the ancient world family clans either had to stick together or risk survival (e.g., the care of parents). After presenting the three images, Jesus chided people for eagerly searching for signs which predict the weather (important for an agrarian economy) but societal signs which foretell societal breakdown, if not the end times. We look for our economic signs (the stock market, how politics might affect our economic situation) rather than looking into society to see signs of judgement, baptism and division. Division is of course present today, and would be far more visible if we were ever to speak openly about crucial issues. Veronica noted that the call to discipleship calls us to be different from other people, and this will invariably lead to division, judgement and baptism. [JEK]

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