When we welcomed the MSC residents for another school year, Evan Kreider spoke about the account of Naaman’s healing. Naaman, a general in the Aramean army, had leprosy. A Hebrew slave girl, working in Naaman’s household, suggested that Naaman visit a Jewish prophet in Samaria for a cure. Rather than receiving Naaman, Elisha sends a message to Naaman to cure his affliction by dipping himself seven times in the Jordan river. Naaman feels snubbed by the prophet, refuses and prepares to return home. His slaves beg him to try it, he does, and is healed. He returns to Elisha with gifts that are refused. No conditions were placed on Naaman; Elisha did not ask him to convert. He now accepts the God of the Hebrews. Naaaman asks Elisha to forgive him for having to worship at the temple of Rimmon as part of obligations to the king of Syria. Elisha’s parting words: go in peace. How do we allow our faith to interact with a post-Christian culture? [HN]

Service Details

Passage: 2 Kings 5.1-19; Psalm 30; Galatians 6.1-16; Luke 10.1-11, 16-20

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Student Welcome / BBQ

Potluck Lunch: Yes

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: J. Evan Kreider

Worship Leader: Veronica Dyck

Song Leader: Lisa-Dawn Markle

Pianist: Andre Pekovich

Usher: Erika Hannan

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