Veronica Dyck dealt with the difficult text God ordering people killed, Saul’s rejection by God and David’s anointing as the future king. Samuel had anointed Saul as king with some reluctance. Now God ordered Saul to utterly destroy the Amelekites – including all animals, men, women and children. Saul, however, destroyed only the worthless items of the Amelekites and kept the good stuff – it is for this act of disobeying God that Saul lost his right to continue as king. Saul pleads with Samuel and asks for forgiveness but his kingship is effectively over, he becomes a lame duck king. Saul is rejected for not listening to God. The sin of Saul is also the sin of all people, beginning with Adam and Eve: disobedience. Samuel is sent to the house of Jesse to select one of the sons as the next king. The seven sons are paraded before Samuel and he rejects them all and asks “are all your sons here?” The youngest is looking after the sheep, he is told. David is summoned from the field and presented to Samuel and surprisingly he is chosen and anointed by Saul as the next king. God see through the veneer and finds possibilities in unexpected and unlikely people and places. (HN)

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Passage: 1Sa 15:34 - 16:1-13; 2Cor 5:6-10, 14-17; Mk 4:26-34, and Ps 20

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Speaker: Veronica Dyck

Worship Leader: Kevin Hiebert

Song Leader: Christy Jennings

Pianist: Kathryn Schmidt

Usher: Erika Hannan

Childrens Feature Leader: Karl Brown


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