Tim Tse spoke about the Book of Revelation as an Apocalypse in the original sense that it’s an unveiling of knowledge. Ancient mapmakers labeled unknown regions with “Here be dragons” and Satan is seen as the dragon (Rev. 12), that great ancient serpent, who is thrown down by Jesus, seen as both the Lamb and the Lion who is worthy to fulfill God’s plan (Rev. 5). The letters to the 7 churches (Rev. 1) followed the pattern of a military harangue and their number represented completeness — for all churches in all locations and in all times.  The epic battle (Rev. 19) won’t be won by an army of unarmed saints, but by the crucified and resurrected Christ. [KH]

Service Details

Passage: Rev. 1:1-6 Rev. 5:5-14 Rev. 12:7-12 Rev. 21:22-22:6

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Lent II

Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: Tim Tse

Worship Leader: Henry Neufeld

Song Leader: Andrea Siemens

Pianist: Ruth Enns

Usher: Peter Neudorf

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