Thomas Bergen (photo by Rosie Perera)Thomas Bergen spoke on “Liturgies of the University” as part 3 in his sermon series. The cultural liturgies of the Mall (Sept. 28) and the Stadium (Oct. 26) demonstrate that religious and secular worship are nearly indistinguishable. The University isn’t as secular as it claims; even professional programs presume an educational purpose of human development. Campus activities shape the character of students beyond the classroom, starting with orientation weeks that teach overindulgence and discrimination. The Menno Simons Centre offers counter-cultural liturgies, such as gratis duties, common meals, and bible study groups, which build a community of UNIty in Christ and diVERSITY of backgrounds and studies. 1 John 5:21 reminds us to keep ourselves from idols. [KH]

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Speaker: Thomas Bergen

Worship Leader: Veronica Dyck

Song Leader: Andre Pekovich

Pianist: Cara Bergen

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