Kevin Hiebert retold the story from John 18 in modern TV detective terms (JC and the boys, set in B.C.), making the point that JC’s “kingdom” was not geographically based. He then┬áturned to various writings by Martin Luther discussing temporal authority, the roles of laws and law keepers in society, and Romans 13. Luther concluded that if a society were truly Christian, all of us would be subject to each other, but this never seems to happen. Luther admitted that when law and society truly break down, soldier may be needed, and this brought Kevin closer to today’s war in Iraq. Luther argued that simply changing government will not necessarily work because you may get some other government that is just as bad. He also advised that it is wrong to do things which will punish people generally when you are simply trying to punish an evil ruler. Kevin then examined the Just War Theory, and by reviewing the principles outlined in the 13th c., I realized that the present war was neither classifiable as a ‘just war’ (according to the church principles) nor being carried out in a ‘just’ manner (do not plunge the country into chaos just to get the king’s head, do not be impatient and claim you are the one who decides who should act and when, etc.) Luther pointed out that if all ‘just’ people punished those who do wrong, then students would strike teachers, children their parents, etc. Kevin then brought us back to John 18, concluding that rather than seeking to be
the superior of others, we should seek to be their servants. That is what the ‘kingdom’ was all about. [JEK]

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Passage: John 18

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Lent VI

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Speaker: Kevin Hiebert

Worship Leader: Janet Boldt

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Pianist: Cynthia Friesen


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