Mark Northey used four texts from Exodus to highlight the stages the Jews went through as they lived out their isolation prior to entering and possessing the land of Israel. In the first – Oppression (Ex 1: 8-11) their struggle to meet daily needs led inexorably to the second – Deliverance (Ex 2: 23-25) where their reward, despite their faithlessness was to come closer to God. In the third stage, Celebration (Ex 15: 1-3) and the fourth, Wilderness (Ex 16: 1-3) we see the Jews’ struggle to master their own desires and follow God’s. His frankness allowed us into his life to see struggles we only had hints of in the years he has attended and served at PGIMF. We heard of the oppression he felt while in his intimate relationship, the deliverance of its breakup, and the celebration and wilderness that occurred as he alternately sought and rejected God. We were well rewarded for our attention. His talk this week is an extension of this last. [AP]

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