Derek Carr spoke on “The Plight of the Pregnant Prioress and the Power of Prayer – Reflections on a Medieval Spanish Miracle Tale”. He told the story of The Pregnant Abbess, Miracle #21 in the Milagros Nuestra Señora (a poetic collection by the 13th Century priest Gonzalo de Berceo from the Rioja region of Spain). As a type of Virgin Mary, the scandalized but faithful mother demonstrated more than an intellectual assent to the possibility of a miracle when she petitioned Our Lady of Perpetual Help (after which our neighbouring Catholic Parish is named) for mercy. Can we too be granted a miracle in the intertwined physical and spiritual aspects of daily life through the kind of prayer that demonstrates a direct personal relationship? [KH]

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Passage: Mark 1:29-34

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Speaker: Derek Carr

Worship Leader: J. Evan Kreider

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