Moral outrage is a righteous indignation on behalf of others, distinguishing it from anger at being aggrieved personally. Vigilantes and derogatory pundits are negative examples, since vengeance belongs to the Lord. Societal progress can be promoted by recognizing injustice, but only if we are spurred to action towards solving the problem. Armchair activism is not only insufficient but can be emotionally self-destructive. Will we do as Jesus demonstrated: lament, fast, pray, and channel our outrage into a productive response? [KH]

Service Details

Passage: John 2:13-17; Matthew 3:1-12; Matthew 26:51-554; Luke 18:9-14; 2Samuel 12:1-13; Romans 12:17-21; Ephesians 4:26-27

Communion: No

Ecumenical or Event:

Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: Rosie Perera

Worship Leader: Henry Neufeld

Song Leader: Angela Ruthven

Pianist: Rosemary Bell

Usher: Ed Epp

Childrens Feature Leader:


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Coffee Helper:

Sound Helper:

Sunday School Team

Child Care Volunteer: