“My toys! I can’t do without my toys!” That was Karl Brown’s theme as he showed us the rubber duck with which his granddaughter plays. Karl said he often uses toys to illustrate concepts. When additional toys are acquired, two key questions emerge: Where am I going to put it, and how does this toy change me? (What about how much does it cost?) Toys are instruments of play and are also tools for shaping and changing people. Adults use toys to form social bonds, to understand relationships, and for decorations. Maria Montessori stressed that children playing with toys is children’s work; children will be creative with whatever you give them. Karl noted gender preferences in children selecting toys. Karl citied Logo as brand that initially emerged to encourage creativity in children and has developed into a marketing success with “scripted” and more violent toys. Karl left us with the question: How do we spread Christian values of love, of caring for on another by the toys we use? How do our grown up toys shape us? [HN]

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Passage: 2Thessalonians 3:6-13; Proverbs 6:6-11; Matthew 19:16-22

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Speaker: Karl Brown

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