Dr. Syed Nasir Zaidi, the Muslim chaplain at UBC and a member of the Multi-Faith Chaplains Association at UBC, shared about one of the issues of faith that is common to the Christian and the Islamic traditions. Many of us were surprised to learn that the Qur’an describes Jesus as a living Word of God, with a central role in the Day of Resurrection — the one honoured witness with the authority to intercede for us. While we deserve the full force of divine Justice, Christ’s unique standing with God gives us the opportunity for Mercy and Forgiveness on the Day of Judgment. [KH]

NOTE: you can also view the slide presentation (11-page PDF).

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Passage: Deut. 4:32-34; Psalm 29; Romans 8:26-39

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Speaker: Dr. Syed Nasir Zaidi

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