Dori Zerbe Cornelsen, Director of Development for Canadian Mennonite University and former PGIMFer, spoke on Luke 6:27–38, a favourite Anabaptist passage which instructs us to be different from just about everybody else in the world by actually treating “others as you would like people to treat you.”  Some modern politicians prefer that we view ‘the others’ as our enemies, that we objectify people instead of learning to know those who angrily protest against our views.  As part of his upside-down approach to Kingdom, Jesus radically asks that we not think of anybody as being ‘the others’ or even as our enemies, but instead “love”, “do good to”, “bless”, and “pray for” those who do not agree with our world view.” [JEK]


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Passage: Luke 6:27 - 38

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Speaker: Dori Zerbe Cornelsen

Worship Leader: Janice Kreider

Song Leader: Curtis Funk

Pianist: Andre Pekovich

Usher: Diane Ehling

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