On Sunday, March 17, 2019,┬áMenno Simons Centre alumnus Kevin Hiebert explored the conflict raised in students reared on a Creationist interpretation of Biblical texts when they come up against scientific evidence in university classes and debates. In a talk entitled “Perfectly Placed Artifacts”, Kevin noted that popular religionists such as the Hembree family (JOY TV) offer arguments laced with fallacies to support positions favouring revealed truth and over-simplified history, while dismissing the evidence of archaeology, sociology, biology, geology and history. Yet scientists since before Darwin have for centuries allowed faith to inform science without abolishing it. In the best scientific tradition, Kevin dismissed the interfering God of young-earth archaeology and intelligent design, favouring instead our God the Creator and Sustainer, whose care for us best supports our development as humans while keeping the findings of science in perspective. Kevin cites Isaac Asimov’s Guide to the Bible (1969) as signal support in this, calling on 1 Cor. 13:10-11 in helping us put away childish things in favour of the full knowledge God offers. [AP].

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