Dr. Mariam Kamell (professor of New Testament studies at Regent College) joined us to speak on “Peter’s Thanksgiving” in 1 Peter 1:3-9. Mariam did her PhD in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews and has co-written a commentary on the Book of James. Echoing Jesus’ beatitudes, Peter calls us to rejoice in the salvation that our whole souls are receiving, not merely waiting for it to be revealed in the end of days. While each of us has our own trials to bear, we can faithfully anticipate our inheritance rather than demanding that ‘karma’ be balanced within our lifetimes. [KH]

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Passage: 1Peter 1:3-9

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Speaker: Mariam Kamell

Worship Leader: Rosie Perera

Song Leader: Angela Ruthven

Pianist: Ruth Enns

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