Three of our younger mothers shared their reflections on Advent. Nadine Neudorf contrasted the experiences of Elizabeth and Mary. Both had what could only be considered miraculous pregnancies, but while Elizabeth enjoyed the full support of her ageing husband and wonderful community of friends, Mary had to face her engagement being broken off and she had to flee to Elizabeth before she could find any sort of emotional and physical support for her crisis pregnancy. Nadine then asked whether we cannot do more to support the single moms who are alone, who feel alone. Krista Voth spoke about waiting, about preparing for Christmas, and for Elias. For example, her time of pregnancy was a time for dreaming, for preparing a place for her child, a time for wondering about the marvellous act of creating new life. She loved her child before birth, while waiting, but now the love is more focused and tangible. The Advent parallels are fascinating. Vange read Carmen Thiessen’s reflections on creating a special time around Christmas. Carmen’s parents taught her not only the joy of culinary and decorative aspects of the season, but also the importance of creating a time of friendship and warmth. She is exploring this further by cutting back on how much is spent on gifts and by giving money to charities rather than primarily to family/friends. She is also concerned that public schools celebrate the holidays of other religions, but that Christian holidays are overlooked, instead of being used to tell of their true meaning. The morning was truly special for everybody. [JEK]

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Passage: Luke 1

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Second week of Advent

Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

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Speaker: Nadine Neudorf, Carman Thiessen, Krista Voth

Worship Leader: Henry Klippenstein

Song Leader: Ann Marie Neudorf

Pianist: Deberah Shears


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Child Care Volunteer: Angela Ekkert