Jeremy Schmidt spoke on some of the thoughts and writing of leading Puritans, including Doddridge (1702-1757). He began by reading aloud quotations from writing which were designed to bring Christians to a deeper faith. They were interested in sanctification, which included an honest look at one’s state, considering the nature of God, and then striving to become what one is called to be, possibly by reconstructing one’s personality. (These topics are well-known to readers of St. Paul.) The Puritans explored areas such as emotions, worrying, whether one’s will and affections are truly focused on God, etc. Christians today are reluctant to talk much about the important topic of sanctification. Instead we focus on the life of the Spirit, on our unique journeys, self-discovery, rather than on Godliness through sharing and piety. We are also reluctant to consider whether we are in fact “wretched”, as 18th-century writers often commented. Perhaps both the Puritans and contemporary believers need/needed to find a balance? [JEK]

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