Ruth Enns continued our study of the book of Job with the passages spoken by the young man Elihu and how his arguments affected the tenor of the discussion between Job and his friends. Ruth pointed out how much more striking the poetry of these passages is when read aloud, particularly the paean to the Earth (Job 36:22-37:24). Ruth noted that, despite the emotion and vehemence in Elihu’s arguments, that really they were no more effective than that of Job’s friends, yet the arguments prepared the way to the last passage in which God speaks to Job and the friends of how little they know. Youth, despite the scorn often visited on it for how little it knows, here teaches more than the wisdom of the three friends; yet youth too is ultimately not wise enough either to comfort Job or describe God’s world. [AP]

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Passage: Job Ch. 32 - Ch. 37

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Speaker: Ruth Enns

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