Evan Kreider spoke about the sensual poetry of the Song of Solomon. This book, written either by, for, or about Solomon, has been a challenge to scholars for centuries. It has been viewed allegorically (describing God’s love for his people), as a wedding song, a mortuary hymn (love is stronger than death), and as secular love poetry of a king seeking to woo a young farm girl. Some see the account of the girl in the song as a prototype of the virgin Mary and “breasts” represent the new teachings of Christ. Evan suggested that the song points out that love – including sexual love – is a wonderful gift from God and it’s okay to talk about it. The song celebrates lovers coming together and articulates the anguish of being apart. In the discussion it was noted that as readers we bring meaning to the text and often project onto the text what we want it to say. The song celebrates love and the ecstasy of intimacy. (HN)

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Passage: Sg 1:1-6; Mk 4:21-34; Prv 4:1-9; Ez 1-4-14

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