Rosie Perera led our thinking by introducing us to poetry by the metaphysical writer, George Herbert (1593-1633). The selected poems were carefully printed for us, allowing for better understanding and future reflection. In his book The Temple, Herbert wrote that the country parson should know about farming so that he can use illustrations from agriculture, leading people from that which they know to that which they do not yet understand. This is what his poetry seems to do even today. His poems use imagery from daily life, yet being steeped in biblical imagery, the verses help us see scripture’s ideas in new ways. Some poems were ‘shaped’ on the page (like an hour glass or like an altar). Others worked powerfully with word choice and colour. Rosie provided a number of musical settings for these poems, and after Doug Medley introduced the children to George Herbert, Michael sang the first verse of Come, my way, my truth, my life beautifully and exquisitely tuned. [JEK]

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Speaker: Rosie Perera

Worship Leader: Rosie Perera

Song Leader: J Evan Kreider

Pianist: Ruth Enns


Childrens Feature Leader: Ruth and/or Doug and/or Michael


Bring Flowers: Edwin & Hedie Hintz

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Child Care Volunteer: Barton Thiessen