Thomas Bergen continued his series on Spiritual Warfare for Mennonites with “The Gospels and Jesus’ War” (Part 2 of 3). How can we understand the life of Jesus without appreciating the militaristic terminology the Gospel writers used to describe the battle that He fought? Jesus believed in Satan, so how can we deny the language which was meant to help us see reality as He did? As God’s divine warrior, Jesus can cast out the Spirit of the Age that would otherwise possess us. Let us imitate Christ in healing those oppressed by the Devil, through activism, hospitality and prayer. [KH]

NOTE: During the response time discussion about the paradox of violent imagery in a non-violent theology, he recommended the book Killing Enmity: Violence and the New Testament by Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld (2011).

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Passage: Mt 4: 8-11; Mt 16:16-18; Lk 11: 20-22, Mark 1 highlights

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