Janet Boldt spoke on “Spirituality and Work”. Work (all work, not just jobs) gives life meaning, makes life possible and helps to define life. God is portrayed as a worker and creator, and we are called to be God’s coworkers. The Reformation sometimes looked at work (even mundane tasks) as a vocation, a calling assigned by the Lord. Today’s paying jobs can be tiresome and unsatisfying, or they can be viewed primarily as a way to ‘get ahead’ financially and socially. In our society, there can be a dearth of meaningful work for people. Janet then reflected on the limitations of work. Unfortunately, we can now work on jobs at almost anytime and place, partly because so many jobs involve computers and cell phones. This invasiveness then quietly takes its toll on families and relationships. Baby-boomer-burnout is becoming a serious problem. Janet then turned our attention to Rest. God had the good sense to rest for a full day (Genesis 2:3), but our society feels it is busier and almost never observes the Sabbath as a true cessation of work. Do our endless lists of tasks and e-mails rob us of time away from work? Janet concluded by reminding us that the workplace can either become a caring community of coworkers or a place in which power is misused. What does work do to the worker, to the community, to the community of workers? Our places of work need to be characterized by love and the rhythms of life. [JEK]

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