Jim and Grace Neudorf were active members and leaders in our church before moving to Squamish about eight years ago. Jim returned last Sunday to speak on the theme, “Encountering God” (Exodus 32). This portion of the story in Exodus told how the Jews forgot about God within weeks of their spectacular exodus, how some felt that Moses (not God) had done the miracles, that Moses was like a god, that he was now 80, gone for 40 days into the fire and storm on the mountain top, and was more than likely dead. Since traveling without the protection of a god would be dangerous, they wanted Aaron to make them a new god, and he did. Jim asked us to consider both whether we put other gods before our God, and whether we avoid encountering God. Why did the Jews refuse to go up the mountain to meet God with Moses? Do we refuse to look for possible encounters with God? Encountering God is life-changing (the burning bush, Job’s ordeal, disciples meeting God through Jesus, etc.) Are we even expecting to encounter God? Are we ready to take the
risk of changing radically if we encounter God in a powerful way? [JEK]

Service Details

Passage: Exodus 24 - 33

Communion: Yes

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Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: Jim Neudorf

Worship Leader: Evan Kreider

Song Leader: Nubia Martens

Pianist: Edward Kehler


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Bring Flowers: John & Lillian Toews

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Sunday School Team

Child Care Volunteer: Janice Kreider