Thomas Bergen spoke on “The Metaphysics of Thankfulness” based on Psalm 104:1-30, 2 Corinthians 4:13-15, Psalm 69:30-36, and Romans 1:20-21. “Why does the world/universe exist?” is the age-old metaphysical question. We see how post-modern people use consumption and amusement as their ‘soother’ in response to the meaninglessness of an existence based on luck. A Christian’s response should be gratitude for the gift of creation. The Apostle Paul told us that Christ was involved in both creating and redeeming us. God gave us the gift of science to help us understand the miracle of balance in the created universe. In celebration of the church’s 27th anniversary, Thomas expressed their thankfulness to members of PGIMF for their support of the Christian community of students at the Menno Simons Centre. Sharing food and fellowship isn’t just an ethnic Mennonite cultural practice, but is also rooted in our theology. Thankfulness for our food reminds us of the gift of life that we receive daily from plants and animals. Like Neil Pasricha’s book of 1,000 Awesome Things, what simple pleasures are you grateful for? The love of the triune God is the reason that there is ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing’ … something for which we can be very thankful! [KH]

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Passage: Romans 1:20-21, 2Cor4:15, Ps 69:30, Ps 104:13-15, 19-30

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Speaker: Thomas Bergen

Worship Leader: Chris Skinner

Song Leader: Edwin Hintz

Pianist: Rosemary Bell

Usher: Erna Friesen

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