Kevin Hiebert spoke on the Lectionary texts for the First Sunday after Easter, using the theme “The Resurrection Puzzle Revealed”. The gospels provide us a fascinating puzzle, one we will need to ponder for the rest of our lives-the mystery of God’s purpose for Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Kevin began with verses from Psalm 118, for example, 16-17, 21 say such things as “the right hand of the Lord is exalted”, “I shall not die but I shall live” and “This is the Lord’s doing”, verses which Christians now see as addressing the mystery of Christ’s resurrection prophetically. Today’s gospel reading from John 20 tells of Jesus appearing to the disciples and especially to Thomas. Fortunately, Thomas expressed his doubts about the resurrection to others within the community of faith rather than going off by himself and assuming everybody was nuts. This made it possible for Jesus to appear to him and for his friends to help him work through the puzzle/mystery. Today’s reading from Acts 5 illustrates how the witnesses of the Good News could not be silenced, even under official caution and threat of violence. The whole notion of resurrection even being possible was not yet accepted by all sects of Judaism, and some leaders were therefore not going to accept Christ’s resurrection because they believed no resurrection of any kind was possible. Kevin argues that this ancient resurrection puzzle is something which even we need to meditate upon, both in private and in community, so that we can learn more about the peace which Jesus extends to us. [JEK]

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