Helen Rose Pauls spoke on Romans 12 and the inspiration that she got from this summer’s 2015 Mennonite World Conference. The majority of the global Mennonite family are outside of North America and Europe, yet we all share¬†core Anabaptist concepts: peace and non-violence, service, discerning scripture together, and community. Each country’s Mennonites face unique challenges, so the gathering every 6 years in a different host city provides a way to worship together and learn from each other’s traditions. Community means that we believe we’re called to consider not what’s best for each of us individually, but what’s best for our family and Christ’s church. On the spectrum of autonomy to community, are we dancing between walking alone and walking together? [KH]

Service Details

Passage: Romans 12:3-13

Communion: Yes

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Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

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Speaker: Helen Rose Pauls

Worship Leader: Henry Neufeld

Song Leader: Erna Friesen

Pianist: Ruth Enns

Usher: Chris Skinner

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