We heard from Stanley Grenz Professor at Carey Theological College and at Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle. He pointed out that his wife’s mother was Mennonite, so he could play the “Mennonite Game” too. This led to his topic “What Makes Christians Stick?” (Together – ed). The early church‘s diversity did not lead to divisiveness, but rather togetherness. Paul wrote that this trait was borne out of love – not the romantic love, but rather a sincere, true regard for one another. Stanley felt this was antithetical to the common trait of our “me” generation today. The historical church had an admonishing ministry back to back with a ministry of affirmation, guiding us to be quick to assist, slow to harm. “Correct your brother, but gently, so you yourself are not tempted.”(Gal. 5:15) Paul called us to transformation in our lives. Stanley asks us are we living that call? enthusiastic about the person sitting next to us? Discussion period noted that “off-the-wall” singing appeared to be representative of our generation – lyrics most often emphasize the personal experience, rather than the corporate one. Our church noted its relative lack of ethnic diversity, and that this was a common trait among ethnic churches. Stanley suggested that our church has diversity in generations, and that we could build from there if we desired. How do we balance principles of admonishment and affirmation without leading into homogeneity? Stanley suggested the historical example of the early church. [AP]

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Passage: Rom 12:9-13

Communion: Yes

Ecumenical or Event: Lent II

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Speaker: Stanley Grenz

Worship Leader: Mark Northey

Song Leader: Eric Hannan

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