J. Evan Kreider’s sermon was based on the Apostle Paul’s 2nd letter to the church at Corinth. After establishing his credentials as a persecuted sufferer in chapter 11,  Paul challenged rival preachers while refraining from boasting about visions as they did. Power-seekers embellish their curriculum vitae (c.v.) to compete for leadership positions, but do extraordinary spiritual experiences really grant authority from God? We could speculate about his ‘thorn in the flesh’ but Paul puts forward his weaknesses as source of strength. Are we full of the Spirit, or just full of ourselves? How can God’s power become evident through the weaknesses of our Fellowship? [KH]

Service Details

Passage: 2 Corinthians 12:2-10; Ezekiel 2:1-7

Communion: Yes

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Potluck Lunch: No

Congregational Meeting: No

Worship Team

Speaker: J. Evan Kreider

Worship Leader: Janice Kreider

Song Leader: Catherine Cooper

Pianist: Ruth Enns

Usher: Ed Epp

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