Janice Kreider spoke at Menno Court on “Where are We in the Story?” In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus told the story of the beggar, Lazarus, at Abraham’s side beyond the grave, and the unnamed rich man who regretted not listening to Moses and the Prophets. Benjamin Unruh was a well-educated Russian Mennonite who explored emigration options from the Ukraine in the 1920s. The 16th Century baroness Helena von Freyberg in Tirol, Austria, used her wealth and status to support the fledgling Anabaptist movement. Where are we in the many stories of need and injustice in the world today? Are we supporting the prophetic advocates among us, are we perpetuating these problems, or do we need to repent because we missed taking a more radical action that would have been the better way? [KH]

The Studienkomission of 1920. A.A. Friesen, C.H. Warkentin, B.H. Unruh and J.J. Esau.In this photo, Benjamin Unruh (mentioned in the sermon) is third from the left. Others are A.A. Friesen (with the wide smile), J.J. Esau, and K. Warkentin in Hillsboro, Kansas, July 1920. A.A. Friesen is Ruth Enns’s grandfather,  who was part of the committee from Russia that was looking for places to bring the Russian Mennonite refugees. John B. Toews recently published an article on Ruth’s Grandpa Friesen.  Here’s a quote from it: “After B.H. Unruh returned to Germany, Friesen became the pivotal figure in North America, exploring settlement possibilities for his Russian Mennonite constituency.”  His papers are in the CMBC archives.

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Passage: Amos 6:1a, 4-7; Psalm 146; I Tim 6:6-19; Luke 16:19-31

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