Refugee Food Bank

Bag of groceries at the Refugee Food BankPGIMF attenders support the Refugee Food Bank in the basement of Sherbrooke Church (7151 Sherbrooke St., Vancouver) with significant budget support as well as our help each Thursday morning.  Our volunteers join others from five local churches to assemble and distribute bags of groceries as well as surplus bread from COBS bakery.  The food bank supports immigrants and refugees from a wide variety of countries in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa for a fixed period of time with food, advice and help arranging appointments and service support.

The local migrant community also volunteers its support by building relationships over coffee, tea, and baked goods, conversing on all kinds of topics, and offering advice and support for accessing local services.  Once a month, food bank attenders and volunteers alike sit down together for a meal prepared by volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering on Thursday mornings or helping out with bread pick up, please let us know at or leave a message on our telephone voicemail.